Be Involved…

Become the contact person at your church/organization who helps coordinate volunteers and resources. Volunteer your skills to help in whatever way you can. Help with a project, give a ride, listen and help, pray and much more. Donate items such as building materials, appliances, food, clothing, furniture, money, etc. Prayer Warriors are always welcome!!

If you are a person who…

  • Has a heart for hurting and disadvantaged people
  • Has a passion burning for sharing the Gospel through words and actions across our community
  • Has time to get involved in one of our main work areas:  Home Repairs, Building Ramps, Delivering Household Goods and Out-of-County Transportation; then we have some simple steps that you can take.
  1. VOLUNTEER APP – We would love to have you fill out a Volunteer Application that can be accessed and printed here on our website.
  2. CHURCH LIAISON – Be a liaison from your church  that can communicate the needs of Mustard Seed Missions back to your members and pastor; we need these people desperately for this to be a Venango Co. collaborative project and to fulfill the need we think God may bring us.  What an opportunity!

Please call the office at 814-437-1982 if you have questions on how to be involved.