Home Repair Update

MONDAY – Our joint Martin Luther King JR Day renovation partnership with Keystone Smiles will begin at 9:00 Monday morning with a ceremony at the Free Methodist Church, 206 Wilson Avenue in Oil City. Volunteers will then go to the Homeless Shelter at 580 Colbert Ave. in Oil City to hang drywall and other renovations.

If you can help in this much needed shelter please just come to join in the fun on this kick-off celebration of God’s love. (“Kick-off” because our work there will continue for several months). Professionals are doing the electrical, plumbing, heating, etc., but we need lots of help with carpentry, moving materials, etc.

TUESDAY & THURSDAY – A few volunteers may continue working at the shelter, while others will be needed to address 3 recent county referrals.

Please consider coming out to support our other volunteers. It is nice and warm in the shelter, and the good work will warm your hearts.

Yours in Christ,

Paul and Ross