Home Repair Update for 10/05-10/10/2020

SPECIAL SATURDAY WORK DAY is scheduled for 8:00 AM ON Saturday Oct. 10th at 6226 Route 322, Franklin. This is a special project to make emergency roof repairs. Our regular volunteers will be joined by members of the ramp team of the Seneca United Methodist Church and volunteers from Pastor Steve Henry’s Victory Heights Church. Workers will be needed on the roof AND on the ground (moving, cutting and hoisting metal to the roof). Come join the fun!

Our normal activities will begin at 9 AM on Tuesday the 6th at 84 Prospect Ave in Franklin and again on Friday the 9th. (Please note that we may split up on Friday to work at both Prospect AND do prep work for the 6226 Route 322 special project).

As always, please call Ross at 1-724-866-4858 if you have any questions about this week’s projects.

Yours in Christ,

Paul and Ross