Home Repair Update for 2/1 – 2/5

A young family of three is on deck to occupy the first floor area at 84 Prospect in Franklin, so work is speeding along in preparation for their temporary new home. Kitchen cabinets are ready to go in this week, but other rooms are ready for painting so that vinyl plank flooring and wood trim can be installed. If you need to avoid that cold, snowy weather, 84 Prospect provides a cozy, inside place of shelter and a warm volunteer atmosphere in which to work. Come join the fun!! Or just drop in to see the Hands and Feet of God at work. . . on Tues., Wed & Thurs. from 9AM-4PM.

Yours in Christ,
Ross and Paul

PS: Two of our core group of volunteers will be off for a couple of days this week for R&R and/or P.T. , so we could really use some extra help as we bring this project to a close. We are calling your name! Hope to see you there!