Home Repair Update for 4/12 – 4/16/2021

Work will begin each day at 9AM:

On Tuesday we will be at the warehouse (the former Cranberry Area High School in Seneca at the corner of Meadow Road and Main Street) where we will clear out the materials trailer, stain handrails and 1X4’s (which we will install tomorrow), and work on installing anchors to the trailer’s side so we can attach a tarp whenever we need a shaded or dry work area while working at project locations.

On Wednesday, we will install the stained handrails at 720 Grandview Road Oil City.  If time permits we will also do inspections for two new referrals. 

On Thursday, we will install steps into a basement and build a wooden “Bilco door” over those steps at the rear of 553 Grant Street Franklin. 

Please call Ross (724-866-4858) or Paul (814-516-5341) if you can help on any of these projects. If you cannot help, at least continue to pray for our safety and success as we reach out in Christ’s love in Venango County,

Paul and Ross