Home Repair Update for 4/5-4/9/2021

Hope you all have a very Happy and meaningful Easter!!  Energized by a lot of chocolate, we will be working this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as follows:

On Monday, we will be working at 712 11th Street Franklin to do the project that was postponed last week due to rain and snow. Starting at 9AM, we will be adding handrails to both the front and back steps, and installing framing and insulation to the back door. Since this project is not expected to take all day, we may also be going to the warehouse to remove a tub/shower unit from our materials trailer.

On Tuesday, we will be at the warehouse beginning at 9AM to help reorganize and restock the tool trailer. We will also clear out the materials trailer.  Both were used in the Mercer County project last week. This would be a good opportunity for all volunteers to get familiar with our tools and trailers prior to joining us in future projects.

On Wednesday, starting at 10AM we will be at 647 State Rt. 157 Oil City.  We will be lifting small sections of carpet and, where needed, cutting through the subfloor so we can inspect the floor joists to determine the extent of moisture damage to the joists and what action, if any, is needed to repair/replace any of the floor joists. This is necessary to determine the estimated cost of the project and thereby determine if that cost falls within the scope of the referring department’s budget. Since we do not anticipate this will take all day, we also hope to complete several inspections on new referrals.

If you have any questions or want to volunteer on any of the above projects, Please call Paul Sallade at 814-516-5341 or Ross Kilian at 724-866-4858.

Yours in Christ,

Ross and Paul