Home Repair Update for 6/22-6/26

We are closing in on finishing our work at the Homeless Shelter at 580 Colbert Ave in Oil City, but still have opportunities for you. We will be working there on Tues, Wed and Thursday starting at 9:00 each day wrapping up work on the outside stairs to the 2nd floor, prepping floors (for others to put down flooring), painting interior doors and walls and other finish work. The transition has gone surprisingly fast and it will be such a blessing this fall/winter to the area’s homeless! And what a blessing it has been for us to have been a small part of making it happen!

Finally, Ross and our inspection team have 3 new referrals to look at and will try to fit them in this week so work in client‘s homes can start in earnest next week. Please pray for the Covid-19 pandemic to stay away so we can be the hands and feet of Christ helping the area’s neediest families.

Yours in Christ,

Paul and Ross