Home Repair Update for 7/10/17 – 7/15/17

THIS WEEK we have a project scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday that involves removing and replacing a double hung window and covering two bedroom ceilings and a partial wall with luan paneling. None of this work is heavy and we have three volunteers already, but this project involves a family with 8 kids that really need to see God at work in their home.

PLEASE call Ross at 1-724-866-4858 to let him know you can help and to get directions to this project on Oil City’s South Side. We can use many hands for this light work😇.

NEXT WEEK please check your calendars and mark some time to help an outside mission group give us a lift at the shelter in Franklin. Although the 3rd floor shelter is now completed, there are two empty apartments on the second floor that need a little “spiffing up” so the income can be used to support the ongoing operations of the shelter. Although the visiting mission group will be doing a lot of the work, our mission volunteers need to be on hand to help them locate tools and supplies. This should be a very productive and fun project. Please give Ross a call if you can squeeze in some time next week.

Yours in Christ,

Paul Sallade

Ross Kilian