Home Repair Update for 9/21 – 9/25/20

We have 2 projects scheduled this week as follows:

At 1421 Eagle Street in Franklin on Tue, Wed and Thursday we will be removing and replacing a Second floor tub/shower combination. When replaced, we will be repairing the water damaged first floor kitchen ceiling and painting it. No additional volunteers are needed for this project.

Then, on Wednesday and Thursday, we would like to continue work on the Prospect Ave project, but currently have no volunteers available. If you have some time to help paint walls, doors and trim, it would help move this project immensely. Other jobs at Prospect are less pressing, and include hanging drywall, mudding and flooring. If you can help at Prospect this week, please give Paul a call at 814-516-5341 (as Ross is out of town for a few days).

Lots of love goes out for all our volunteers from Ross and Paul, Have a wonderful week.