Home Repair Update for 9/28 – 10/2/2020

We will be working on Tue-Wed-Thursday this week starting at 9:00 each morning.

One team will be wrapping up the bathtub/kitchen ceiling project on Eagle Street in Franklin. No additional volunteers needed there as they are just doing some finish work. (PS: The client’s little girl was in 7th heaven having finally getting a deep bubble bath in her new tub!!).

We are still in need of some new volunteers at 84 Prospect Ave. to help with painting, kitchen cabinet installation, and a myriad of other renovations to fit any of your particular talents and skill levels.

Finally, we have been asked to consider helping a family install a metal roof in Cranberry. We typically stay away from roof repairs, but the roof on this ranch home is not high and the pitch is low enough to allow easy and safe working situation. Before we commit to this project, please let Ross know if you would consider helping, either on the roof or cutting metal on the ground.

Yours in Christ,
Paul and Ross (724-866-4858)