Home Repair Update for this week 1/14/2019 to 1/18/2019

Work is moving along quickly at both projects we started last week.

Monday at 9:00 we will resume building our inside-heated room at the Warehouse in Seneca. Walls and ceiling joists are up, so installing OSB panels, electric outlets/wiring, doors and windows can begin. All skill levels can be put to good use.

The second project at 119 East Bissell Avenue in Oil City is also moving along quickly. On Monday we will be putting final coats of mud on the plasterboard and installing ceiling molding. Then on Tuesday it should be ready for light sanding and a coat of primer. Setting the commode and vanity will begin one the new linoleum is down.

Weather permitting, we have a set of porch steps in Rouseville that need new 4X4 posts and handrails. We are looking for a warm day!! It shouldn’t take long for a small team, but we do need to pick a warmer day.

I have been struggling with bronchitis, so have been of no help. But the response from others has lifted my spirits! Please call Ross at 724-866-4858 if you can help or have any questions.

Yours in Christ,

Paul Sallade