Home Repair Update for this week (10/15/2018 – 10/20/2018)

Having just completed several larger projects, we decided to focus this week on catching up on important work that had to be temporarily “sidelined”. So for this week, our efforts will be on smaller but essential jobs such as collecting flooring that has been donated by two different individuals and moving it to our storage/warehouse facility in Seneca. In addition, we need to rearrange materials in storage to better utilize that space and possibly build more shelving. Finally, as we completed those larger projects, some tools and materials were put into our tool trailer rather quickly, necessitating a “spring cleaning” to get the tool trailer put back into tip-top shape.


This week may be an excellent opportunity for volunteers to get involved in smaller projects whereby a couple of hours work will actually allow you to see a job get fully completed! You may also satisfy your curiosity about how we are utilizing our new storage/warehouse facility at the former Cranberry High School.


We plan to work on Monday through Thursday this week starting at 9:00 each day for as long as we have volunteers. Please call Ross Kilian at 724-866-4858 or Paul Sallade at 814-516-5341 to find out what is happening each day.


Yours in Christ,


Ross and Paul