Home Repair Update for this week (3/18/2019 to 3/22/2019)

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will again be working in the warehouse at the former Cranberry High School beginning at 9:31 AM each day. Volunteers will be sorting through donated tools and supplies, then re-arranging them on shelving we will be building using cement blocks and long boards. And this area is now comfortably heated!!

Special Note: Although nearly 100 volunteers receive this email or phone call, the same four volunteers have responded in each of the past 3 weeks. They are a great group and they are still having a lot of fun, but are eager to spread the JOY among other volunteers rather than hogging it all up themselves. So . . . if you have some free time this week – please call Ross Kilian at 724-866-4858 or Paul Sallade at 814-516-5341.

Yours in Christ,

Paul ad Ross 

PS: There are MANY doors in this very large building. This week, we are using the double glass doors on the side facing the parking lot used by school busses.