Home Repair Update 3/13/17 – 3/18/17

Haven – We will again be open for volunteers at 1269 Liberty Street in Franklin on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9-4 daily and on Saturday the 18th* from 9-2. Although volunteer participation in February and March has been a little lighter than we had hoped, a totally awesome group of SIX volunteers turned out yesterday. They really kept Ross hopping and they completed a lot of work while having a great time. God Bless Our Volunteers!!

County Referrals – Still no emergencies and the cold weather has put the brakes on any outside work for now. But stand by your phones because I am taking a sabbatical from the Haven and will be focusing exclusively on County Referrals instead. I will try to line up volunteers as needed by calling you directly for help. Mustard Seed Volunteers are the BEST!!

Yours in Christ,

Paul Sallade

Ross Kilian

*No work is scheduled for the last Saturday in March (the 25th) because a volunteer group is working the next day (Sunday the 26th) and we hesitated to ask our project leaders to work on both Saturday and Sunday that weekend. So if you were counting on working one of the Saturdays in Feb, and Mar., the 18th is your last opportunity. Hope to see you then.