Home Repair Update for this week (5/8/17 – 5/13/17)

County Referrals – No new home repair referrals have been received this week, so we will be wrapping-up some we started last week and doing 2 inspections.

If its been a while since you volunteered for a project, please consider calling Ross today at (724)-866-4858 because his schedule this week is filling up very fast and he could really use your help. And, my whole month is chaos as my daughter is due in a couple of weeks so Jo and I will be traveling to Virginia AND our house just sold so we will be packing up and moving, too. HEEEELLLLPP!! Please volunteer by calling Ross to see where your talents and time can be put to use as the Hands and Feet of God in Venango County.

God bless,

Paul Sallade

Ross Kilian