Home Repair Update for this week (9/10/2018 – 9/14/2018)

If it ever stops raining, we will be working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and possibly Friday to install gutters, downspouts and repair fascia boards on a ONE STORY house, so we won’t be very high. In fact, we really need help on the ground with measuring, cutting, assembling, pop riveting and gluing, etc. on the ground.

The family’s insurance company is requiring this work to be done as a condition of continuing insurance coverage, so our help is essential for them to remain in their home at 29235 Wheeling Hill Road, Utica. Please call Ross a 724-866-4858 if you can help, even if only for few hours.

PS: I personally want to thank Ross for not scheduling this work during last week’s 90 degree weather – YEAH ROSS !!

Yours in Christ,
Paul Sallade