Home Repair Update for this week (9/24/18 – 9/28/18)

We have two projects scheduled for this week as follows:


On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will be returning to Ken and Judy Rice’s home at 1318 Horsecreek Road, Seneca to provide a second means of egress by installing an exterior door to their deck, replacing the old doorway with a window, adding insulation to that outside wall, replacing the decking and stairs to the deck and some minor electrical work. This work is essential to ensure their safety in the event of a fire or other emergency.  We have established a wonderful relationship with this family and hope you can give Ross a call at 724-866-4858 to volunteer for this rewarding opportunity.


Also on Tuesday, we will be returning to Clintonville to finish repairs to a bedroom floor and to replace the bedroom carpet. We already have a volunteer crew already in place, but you can help by praying for the family and for our safe completion of the job.


Yours in Christ,

Paul Sallade