Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It has been a wonderful year and a truly productive December for our Home Repair efforts. This is a great testament to the energy and unselfish work of all our volunteers and staff.

Just two days before Christmas we completed all work on Joey Mathieson’s addition and it is BEAUTIFUL!!. As we were collecting all our tools and cleaning up, donations of a new furniture were arriving, making it possible for him to sleep in his new bedroom and to use his new bathroom just before Christmas. What a wonderful Christmas present!  Please watch for information on an open house and an appreciation dinner that is being planned for January 22nd for all volunteers who helped on Joey’s addition.

We also completed work on the house at Polk and have been told that the county will continue to own the house. It will be added to Venango County’s list of approved HUD housing and as such, it will be made available at a below-market rate to a HUD-qualified low-income family. A father and his 5 children who currently live in Polk have been anxiously watching the work as it has progressed and will probably be the first tenants.

Finally, we have a few small projects that are on our “to do list”, but feel that you need this week off to enjoy the holidays with your families. So put your feet up, relax and save up your energy for the new year and its new list of smaller jobs, as we have made a conscious decision to avoid any projects as large as the Polk house or Joey’s addition at this time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all☺