Work Schedule 6/6/16-6/11/16

We have 3 projects on our Home Repair schedule for this coming week, and we could use volunteers on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday as described below:

On Monday, we have 2 volunteers already to pick up a donated-front loading washing machine in Franklin and then install it in Cranberry. These two guys are REALLY OLD?, so if you feel young and energetic, we could use a hand.

On Wednesday, we could use 2 more volunteers (we have 2 already) to install 3 replacement windows on Rt. 965 just outside of Polk. The frames are in very poor condition, so extra hands would be a huge help.

On Friday, we have 2 volunteers to rip up and replace a very small bathroom floor. Since it is so small, I don’t think we can get more than these two volunteers into it at once, so I think we are in good shape for volunteers on this project.

Furniture deliveries are tentatively set for the Second Saturday of each month from now on. If you can spare time on Saturday the 11th (we are typically done by noon), please give us a call.

Paul Sallade

Ross Kilian