Volunteers Needed!!

Here is what we need everyone who reads this to do…

  1. Pray about whether volunteering is something that you would be willing to do on a regular basis or even on occasion.
  2. If it is, then signup using the online form or download a forms packet.
  3. If volunteering as a transportation driver, in addition to completing the form, we will be requiring a copy of your driver’s license so that we can perform a motor vehicle assessment, a copy of your ChildLine Clearance, and a Criminal Record check. When these are completed, you will be an approved driver and we will gladly hand you “the keys” to a wonderful ministry opportunity!
  4. If you are volunteering for the Home Repair ministry, we will be asking you to provide information about your skill level. This will help us contact you specifically if we have a job that meets your skill!

We have seen God do some wonderful things in home repairs, providing household goods and transportation.  We want to continue serving the Lord!  Please call either Pastor Randy Powell at (814) 432-8061 or Eva Palmer at (814) 437-1982 if you need more information!  Thank you for considering such a request and thank you to all those who have volunteered in the past!